Teaching Your Children To Appreciate Fine Art

Posted on: 3 April 2015

In today's busy world where children are often very involved in sports and other extra-curricular activities, you might want to give them something that will give their life an extra dimension. If you want them to have an appreciation for fine art, here are some considerations for you to keep in mind.

Start With Your Surroundings

Help your children to see the beauty that is already around them. Go on nature walks together and show them the different colors that are found in a beautiful sunset, the variety of greens found in foliage, and even in the hues in rocks. Teach them the miracle of nature as a butterfly emerges from a cocoon, or as birds fly together in a pattern against the blue skies. Right in your own home, they can learn to appreciate the loveliness of different textures found in a handmade shawl or on your upholstery. Encourage your children to take pictures or nature and of still life, and then study the pictures together. Frame their favorites!

Visit Museums

Find out when your local museums have special children's presentations, or just go on a regular day. It's extra special if you call ahead of time and ask if there is a docent who will give your children a special tour of the different exhibits. Another really enjoyable thing to do is to bring drawing pencils and pads, so that your children can have some time to make sketches from the art they see.

Start A Collection

Use beautiful art in your home, and allow your children to help you pick out different pieces. Visit art galleries, such as Gallery Phillip, to discover unique pieces.

  • If your budget can't afford original works of art, consider buying prints of your favorite artists.
  • Do you want prints by Van Gogh, Monet, or the other famous Impressionists? This type of art is a good beginning, as it goes with almost any decor in your house.
  • If you want a special theme, like western art, consider reproductions of gorgeous sculptures of horses, cowboys and Indians, or of stage coaches or covered wagons.
  • When you are ready for original works of art, your art dealer can get you started on your collection. Often, the gallery represents new artists whose works are very affordable.
  • Consider having your children's portraits done to be framed for your home. The art dealer will be happy to give you names of portrait painters right in your own area.

Congratulations on teaching your children to love things of beauty.