The Top 3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Guests By Taking Care Of Your DJ

Posted on: 16 April 2015

Many people hire DJs as entertainment for parties and events out of a desire to cut down on responsibilities. But you will have to do some legwork and provide accommodations to allow the DJ to do their job successfully.

1) If you don't give the DJ a songlist, you can't complain about the music.

Most DJs are very patient people. They will listen carefully to your preferences and make note of the artists and styles of music you want to be broadcast at your celebration. Your DJ wants to make you and your guests happy.

If your contract specifies a deadline when you must have your song list made available to the DJ, you should honor that date. DJs often have many shows to prepare for; it takes time to locate songs, make clean copies and finesse your music mix.

If you fail to provide the DJ with your song list, they will try to honor requests and play the types of songs you and your guests enjoy, but they can't guarantee that your favorite tunes will be available in time for your event.

2) It's up to you to make sure your venue can have loud music.

As the party planner, you must be certain that there will be no noise or nuisance laws being violated by having the DJ play at your venue. Many localities have their own ordinances and rules, as do certain neighbourhoods and buildings.

Make sure you're in compliance with the laws before the DJ arrives. If they are stopped by police due to a code or nuisance complaint once they start their show, the DJ will not play any further, and you will still owe them the full fee.

Also make certain that your dance area has the required number of fire exits and that it can legally hold the number of people you expect to attend your party. This is another reason some events get shut down, leaving the hosts to pay full price for only a partial night of fun.

3) Your DJ will ask for some space and some juice.

Your DJ will specify in the contract how much room they will need to set up their gear. If the venue is outdoors, they will need a covered area that will protect the mixers, turntables and speakers from inclement weather.

The DJ must have the authority to bar anyone from touching the equipment. It represents a huge investment that can instantly be destroyed by one rowdy party-goer with a wayward drink.

The contract will also indicate the type of power source the DJ's system will require. They may specify that no other electrical devices or appliances can be placed on that circuit so that their equipment doesn't get damaged by an incorrect electrical load. They may need more than one power source if there will be a light show included with the music.

Each DJ will have their own contract that you will both sign when you hire your entertainment. Go over it carefully to be sure you've got your party area set up correctly prior to your DJ's arrival. Doing so will allow you and your guests to enjoy every drop of music you paid for and will help your DJ make your party a smashing success.

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